E-6 Class

This is E-6 class, my first "special" class at WinSchool. This class has, surprisingly, stayed almost the same since I started teaching it. Well, actually scratch that. It was true when I wrote it originally, and it stayed true for a surprisingly long time, but nothing lasts forever... The students at right are the first two students in the class.

The students in this class have studied in America or Canada for some length of time, and speak English very well. Like many American students though, they don't like to do their homework... In this class, I teach junior high school level science and social studies. The students are fun and interesting kids, and it remains one of my most interesting classes. Or at least it had... One by one all the students have quit, until the last student apparently quit this week.

There have been a few other students in this class though, and now the class has been renamed to B-11. You can see the newer additions below. There's "Gun" (서건) and Brian (유원석). Brian has been in this class twice... He quit for a while, but came back for more torture! He was the last man standing, having aparently quit just this week. Gun was an excellent student who added the class a little while before Donny and Andrew quit. To my dismay, he left the class last week.

Andrew & Donny

Andrew (?) and Donnie (창동원)

Derek & Donny

Derek and Donnie (창동원)