Cast of Characters

Here's a mostly complete gallery of the cast of a thousand of my Korean sojourn. It represents most of the people I met outside of WinSchool who became important to me, or at least memorable for one reason or another. Well, maybe it's not that complete... I frequented quite a number of restaurants, and often talked to the staff, and occasionally even other patrons. I remember one day eating at TGI Friday's and being mistaken for a movie star... Ah well, that's a story for another day. Er, my point was, I never did get photos of very many of those people. I saw some of them often enough that I could almost call them friends... Too bad I didn't make an effort to get some of their photos.

A few quick notes about each of the sections of photos below:

Glenn, Eunha, and foriengers
Jeong Hye-jin, my Ex
정혜진 전여자친구
Good friends
좋은 친구들
"Study Friends"
Wedding in Pohang
포항 웨딩
Random People

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