Derek's Korea photos

At the moment, this page is a little lame. As for what is here... There are a few photos from in and around Daegu, including my neighborhood(s), restaurants I like to go to, etc. The photos below take you to a larger version of that photo in a sequence of photos in the same row. There aren't many pictures here yet, but there will be more to come. In general, you can click on the larger photos (after clicking on the thumbnails) to get a full-sized version (very large). And for the computer geeks in the audience, these pages are created with (heaven forbid) hand-coded HTML. Yeah, it's a bit time-consuming, but I get what I want without having to tweak someone else's broken PHP code (and without learning PHP, for that matter)...

My Neighborhood
(my second house)
Around Daegu
Daegu Restaurants
대구 식당
Seoul, Christmas
서울, 크리스마스

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