Hokkaido Trip, September 26, 2004

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When I have time, I'll write up some comments about the pictures on this page. Until then, enjoy the photos!

Want a handbag? ¥195,800 = $1,787.56!!

Adult underwear? Sure, next to the sporting goods...

Do you speak English?

The Japanese Love Bicycles

Sapporo's Famous Ramen Noodle Alley

$10 Ramen Noodle Shops

This is a pretty large shop, as they go

Our Ramen Shop Choice


In Front of Sapporo Station

Glenn and Eun-ha

Cheap (but good!) Italian Restaurant

Coca-cola, the Universal Beverage

East Meets... Further East

Adult magazines? Yeah, next to the comic books... (Seriously!)

Old-style Asian Squat Toilet

Eun-ha's Beauty Shop

Sapporo's Eiffel Tower